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About Us

Jennifer Crook is a fun-loving, adventure-seeking, educational enthusiast with over twenty-five years of service in public schools. She is dedicated to creating awe-inspiring experiences for educators and is driven by her why to deliver professional development that is truly destination-worthy. 

Melissa Adams is a charming,  “Tech Savvy” educator, who has committed her eighteen-year career to providing students with innovative educational experiences. Ambitious and energetic, Melissa enjoys motivating and inspiring educators through her wit, humor, and her signature pink style. Join Melissa on a destination you won't soon forget.

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That's us! This picture was taken last fall when we signed our first book deal with X-Factor Edu! We instantly knew they shared our same vision and beliefs when we saw their mission: BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU! If you believe in being true to yourself, you must check out the amazing authors and speakers who belong to this one of a kind group,   

We honestly are crazy enough to believe we will change the world of professional development in education! 

UnDisrupted with Adam & Carl,

Can Learning Be Fun? (with Jennifer Crook and Melissa Adams)

Learning for adults can sometimes feel like a trip to the dentist. It’s required and painful. In this episode, the tag team duo of Jennifer and Melissa tackle this with what they call #DestinationPD, an experience that gamifies professional learning and ups the level of engagement within their own community.

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