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We want to work our magic for you. We will create a fully immersive PD based on your needs at a location of your choice. We will help you select the best destination in your community, organize and plan your event and cater to your district's  climate and culture. Let us help you create an experience your teachers cannot stop talking about.

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Destination PD is PD to go. PD designed for you and delivered to your destination of choice. Destination PD was created to provide educators with personalized educational experiences unlike any other. Those experiences are meant to be something that educators cannot stop talking about. Educators leave with an experimental, creative mindset enabling them to create learning experiences for their students. Destination PD is an EXPERIENCE that will change everything you thought you knew about PD! If you are ready to provide your faculty and staff with a meaningful PD experience, contact us. We can help you prioritize your needs and create a learning experience for your teachers that will forever change how they feel about professional development.

Destination PD



Imagine a convocation where the entire faculty and staff are in costume. They are actively engaged and cheering for one another while competing for prizes for their classrooms, grade levels or departments. We can help you make that possible. Instead of giving a boring state of the district address or having administration dance on the stage while everyone watches you should be hosting a game show for convocation. We can help you turn convocation into an active participatory event that will get your faculty and staff excited to be back at school, help them create memories and bonds, and set the tone for a positive school year.



Leadership Retreat

Leadership Retreat is a time of fellowship and learning for campus and district administrators. The location and activities that are done over this time are ones that challenge administrators to push themselves beyond what they believe they are capable of doing. The expectation is to do something each year that you have never done before. We create situations where enthusiasm is shown for one another and trust is built with the entire team. There is a customized book study at each retreat and a theme that not only sets the tone for the year, but is also stay relevant. Meet with us to discuss the unique needs of your leadership team and to explore the inspirational settings and activities that will forever change the way your team works with one another.


Curriculum, Innovation & Learning Design Team is a group of teachers who apply each year to be a part of a movement. Together we encourage one another to do and see things differently. This is a safe place where risk taking is encouraged, failure is accepted and innovation is supported. We provide this group of teachers with personalized training and professional development, and we give them opportunities to lead teacher learning. Most importantly this team drives changes in the art of teaching while bringing back the joy of learning. Let’s get together to explore the impact of a CILD Team on your campus. Together, we can lead your team of teachers to answer the question, “How will learning be different?”

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