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Stand on the box. Stomp your feet. Start clappin'...

I got a real good feelin' somethin' bad is 'bout to happen. As in neon sweatshirts, roller skates (the kind with four wheels) 1980s Bad... meaning Rad... Totally AWESOME!!! Growing up and coming of age in the 80s taught me a few things...

  1. You can never be too loud. That includes hair, clothing and voice. Being totally rad means being totally you! So don't just stand there Bust a Move!

  2. Every rose really does have it's thorn. And I am good with that. Really without a thorn or two where is the adventure? Embrace your challenges and the thorns in your side.

  3. It's Tricky. Like seriously, totally Tricky. To Rock a Rhyme that is right on Time... timing is everything. So make the time. Take the time. Live your purpose. Don't get lost in stickiness of the trickiness.

  4. All in all we are just another brick in the wall... that is true. But you and only you determine how your brick will look. As for my brick in the wall, it will be covered in glitter, connected to a bluetooth speaker and jamming all the sounds!

  5. Most importantly, You Gotta Fight for Your Right to PARTY!!! Seriously, especially in education. This job doesn't have to be boring.

That last one is the news. It is what is up. I want to bring the fun, the excitement, the party to professional development. This is my legacy. And I have decided I can have it all. My brick is made of family, friends, and my peeps. You see bricks need clay, minerals, additives. Then they have to be molded, glazed and fired. Like I said my brick is not just another brick in a wall and I am here to help you add a little glitter, some great music and learning experiences that will totally blow your mind!

Channelling my 80s Jazzercise for Convocation 2019... Lip Sync Battle

If you aren't having this much fun at PD you aren't doing it right!!!

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