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Updated: Feb 6, 2019

#destinationPD... Just typing that. Here. Now... It is all about the destination and the PD, but first how did I even get to this destination? A blog is something I have started more than once and quit more than twice. This morning I woke up and knew I had something to say and it was time to say it. Say it... even with grammatical errors, even if I fail... What if no one reads it? Worse, what if people read it? People I know. I have finally decided that it will be okay. Either way. I have something to say and I must share it now, today or I may seriously implode.

The beginning, not really going there today... more like the middle-ish. Last night in bed on my phone, I was reading the recently much liked and shared article on Teachers Don't Need To Find Their Why. Reading my Phone in Bed is a Bad Habit, I know. So many teachers liked it and I did like some of it. What hit me hard was the Golden Circle, and it hit hard because I am a full on, bought in, Golden Circle believer. You see we developed our why two years ago. Our district leaders came together and established #ourWHY and WE still LIVE IT! Everything we do is about our why. Spoiler Alert - that is where destination PD was born. Anyway our why is not about individuals... it is about the whole. We believe... not I believe... This is what kept me up last night, woke me up at five a.m. and lead me to this keyboard today.

If we are truly going to change EDUCATION and let's be honest CHANGE is needed! We have to work together. Of course you know why you became an educator. Maybe it is because you love children, you love science or art, you had a great teacher who inspired you, you had a terrible teacher who inspired you or you just didn't make the cut for SNL. Your why is your daily dose of inspiration. It's the warm fuzzy that keeps you going when you are low on caffeine. It is you. All about you. It drives your decisions. Your why matters even if you do not post it on the door of your classroom, wear it on the back of your cape or write it on the bottom of your yearly evaluation. The problem is... your why alone will not change an institution. The only way to make an INTO TO THE FUTURE, EVOLUTIONARY, MIND BLOWING CHANGE to the system is to ban together and find a common why... #ourWHY.

If you are lucky enough... you work in a district that supports teacher freedom, encourages risk-taking within the curriculum, celebrates your triumphs and picks you up when you fail. If you don't feel that is where you are find a way to communicate that and change that. If you are there and if there is an our why... soak it in, ban together, and let's CHANGE things!

WHAT WE DO... We teach students to become educated productive citizens.

HOW WE DO IT... We hire and empower the best educators who are laser focused on creating unique student centered learning experiences.

WHY WE DO IT... We give our students personalized educational experiences unlike any other school district and we expect those experiences to be something they can't stop talking about.

Well, here's hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. Next time, I will try to start at the beginning or at least the beginning-ish.

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