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If you haven't read Extreme Ownership by Willink and Babin, you should. These guys are Navy Seals and they know about leadership and YES it applies to education. You can buy the book here, You can watch an interview with Willink on Why Discipline Equals Freedom at Better yet, just google discipline equals freedom and you'll find a plethora of items.

Why am I writing this today? After over a year of writing NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. Well, I am going to give discipline another whirl. I am actually a very disciplined person. The problem is I am only good at being disciplined in one area and I am either all in or not even near target. For example, I used to run. Like really run. Every Day. 5AM. I always dreaded it. I never loved it. I was never addicted to it (that's really too bad for me). I did like how I felt after and I did love the freedom it gave me. My metabolism was better than ever. I felt great and my confidence soared. That is FREEDOM. With my new found confidence, I went back to school. My energy shifted and my education was the new discipline. I have many other examples... cooking - I'm a five star chef or a microwave momma; crafting - I'm a paint wielding, furniture making, fixer-upper crazed Pinterest Perfectionist or just go to Target Consumer. I've got more: religion, piano, guitar, dancing, writing, improv, twirling, yoga, tae kwon do, I can go all day AND YES - from Jesus to yoga - I'm all over the place. So, I love to learn, love to start new things... I'm always motivated and never really disciplined.

The EXCEPTION... making my bed. There is a great commencement speech on making your bed, I do want to change the world. My passion for life, for education, for my family is REAL. It is true. So how do I find discipline? Why am I looking for it? Where do I start? For now, I want freedom. I am tired of being tired. I can't change the world if I am 10 minutes late. I am going to bed before 10:30. That is a start. I can't wake up early if I don't go to bed. Good Night.


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